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How to Prevent Tree Sap Dripping?

It is common for particular forms of trees to drip sap. For instance, the hardwood maple is known for its savory and sweet sap. This is used to make sweeteners and syrup.  

Aside from that, the softwood pine also generates sap. However, it isn’t intended for us to consume since it is more bitter.  

However, you may be wondering how to prevent tree sap dripping, whether you’ve got pine, maple, or any tree dripping sap on your yard.  

Aside from hiring a professional tree service Port St Lucie company, here are a couple of tips you can follow: 

Prune The Tree 

If you prune the tree, you can stop your tree from dripping sap on a couple of occasions. Cut off any tiny branches that are dripping sap using a pair of clean gardening shears.  

It is suggested that you do this during the fall or spring. Pruning might stress the tree if you do it during the winter or summer. You might even kill the tree.  

Therefore, you’ve got to wait until the fall or spring to prune any trees in your lawn that are producing a lot of sap. 

Use a Pruning Sealant 

Keep in mind that pruning alone will not really prevent a tree from dripping sap. The tree will probably keep on dripping sap from the place where you cut it if you just cut off a branch.  

Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue. You have to use pruning sealant. This is utilized to seal wounds on trees. You can typically purchase them at almost every home improvement shop. Pruning sealants are also available in both brush-applied liquids as well as spray aerosol cans.  

You can seal the parts of the tree where you have pruned branches using either form. The tree will not be able to drip sap from the places where you pruned it after the sealant has dried.  

Use an Insecticide 

Aside from pruning sealant, it is also an excellent move to utilize an insecticide on any tree that is dripping sap. Of course, there is a reason for this. 

A lot of pests feast on the nutrient-rich sap. These pests will bore deep holes into the tree if you let them go unchecked. These holes will cause the tree to drip even more sap.  

One natural, safe, and great insecticide that works wonders on trees is Neem oil. All you’ve got to do is spray a solution of diluted neem oil over the tree. After doing this, your tree will be protected against almost every common pest.  

Be Patient 

There is nothing else you can do to stop a tree from dripping sap, aside from using an insecticide, sealing, and pruning. You should instead stay patient while waiting for it to stop.  

It should stop dripping sap at some point if you follow the tips mentioned above. Meanwhile, you should think about getting rid of any outdoor accessories or furniture under the tree so that they are not exposed to the sap. 

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How to Know If You Need a Tree Removal Service 

There are many reasons why you’re left with no choice but to cut down your tree. Sometimes, it requires the expertise of tree removal professionals to know whether removing a tree is better off than maintaining its health.  

 Tree Removal

The most common reason why people remove trees because it has been diseased. Instead of keeping a dying tree, it’s sometimes better to cut it off entirely. Trees that are getting difficult to manage are also removed, as well as those that are becoming more of a nuisance than an accent in your backyard.   

How to Make the Right Decision   

Trees are not supposed to be cut down without warning. In many places, a permit has to be secured before performing a tree removal service. Some tree species are also protected, which means cutting them down without prior approval may mean hefty fines bestowed on you.   

To know if you’re doing the right thing, consult with a certified arborist. They’ll guide you and help you arrive at the right decision. Do note that there are different solutions to the problem and tree removal may not be best course of action. You may benefit from tree trimming and pruning, instead of outright removal.  

The Best Time to Remove Trees  

Ideally, problematic trees should be removed before it causes damage to people or property. As far as the best time to remove them is concerned, the months of January to March are the preferred dates. These are considered as the dormant season for trees, which means they’re easy to remove.   

The tree’s dormant season pertains to the time when its leaves have already fallen. Winter also hardens the ground underneath, thus ensuring minimal damage on your lawn. Such season is also a low season for tree experts, which means your service request will be handled immediately and you may even get good discounts.   

The Tree Removal Process   

While you may wait until summer or spring to remove your tree, take note that both seasons are the busiest for arborists. Most arborists are not in favor or removing healthy trees unless there’s a valid reason behind it. It’s important that you consult only with certified experts so that they’ll guide you towards the right path.   

Trees are renewable resources and they can be replanted. Try to plant a new tree somewhere if you need to cut one down. That’s a good practice that everybody should consider. While trees can sometimes be a hazard, you never know what good it brings to the environment and to you in particular.   

How to Remove Trees   

Never attempt to remove trees on your own, even if you think that the tree is small enough that you can handle it. In the same way, don’t just hire anybody with an ax to do the service for you. Tree removal is a dangerous job and only the experts with the right tools, equipment, skills, and knowledge have to do it. Keep yourself, your family, and your property safe. You’ll never go wrong with hiring professional tree service providers.

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