You might have watched a lot of legal dramas lately that you couldn’t have imagined yourself standing before a judge telling you the amount of bail that you have to put up to be released from jail. The same amount is the surety bond posted by bail bond companies to help the defendants who can’t raise the amount of money that’s required by the law on their own. Once you have posted the bond, then you can stay out of jail throughout the duration of the trial.  

Bails are the amount of money that the court uses as security to force the defendant to appear during every trial proceeding. The legal system allows for this, as everyone is assumed innocent until proven guilty. The court wants for the defendant to show up in every hearing to facilitate the trial process. 

Why Is Bail Needed? 

Given the current justice system, an accused may have to wait for weeks or even months for the trials to begin. Without a bail bond, he has to spend all those time in jail. If you’re innocent and are just falsely accused of the crime, just imagine what would happen to you after the proceedings. Bail bond allows you to possibly get back to your life while handling your legal problems at the same time.  

Without bail, you won’t be able to work, miss out on your family, and skip important events. Needless to say, your life is on halt and you won’t be productive. The court understands all these but they also want to make sure that dangerous criminals won’t see a loophole in the justice system that they can use. The court tries to balance as much as it can. That’s the reason why the actual amount of bail bond is upon the sole discretion of the judge.  

What’s the Process of Posting Bail? 

In case you’re arrested, you will be taken to the nearest police station and get booked. Once you’re processed, all your personal information will be recorded. The police will perform a background check on you. They will also take your fingerprints and mug shot. Your personal properties and inventories will be seized, only to be returned to you if and when you’re released. You will be allowed a phone call and after that, you will be placed in jail.  

If your crime is not that serious, you can post the bail right after being booked. If it’s rather severe, you’d have to go through a bail hearing with a judge that usually happens within 48 hours. The judge will determine if you can post bail or not and the actual cost. 

Is it Difficult to Hire a Bail Bonds Company?  

The bail amount is determined by different factors but it is usually the judge who decides it. In some jurisdictions, there’s a standard amount for every offense that has to be followed. Whatever amount you have to pay, you’re going to need a bail bond company to help you out. Bail amount runs from $25,000 to a million, depending on the gravity of your offense. If you need help posting a bail amount, simply visit